Typical leasehold property on Wellington Mills

Wellington Mills Homeowners

The Coop's responsibilty to Leaseholders

Wellington Mills is responsible for the estate cleaning and maintenance on behalf of the landlord, Lambeth Borough Council. We are also responsible for the collection of day-to-day leasehold service charges, albeit the calculation and invoice is still administered by Lambeth.  Major works contribution invoices to leaseholders are also calculated by Lambeth Council.    

Leaseholders on the estate should expect to receive 2 demands for payment each year from Lambeth. The first estimated invoice is sent out around March, based on the projected costs of estate services for that financial year. During October of that year, leaseholders will receive an updated invoice for the actual costs incurred in the previous year. This may result in an increase or a decrease in the estimated amount sent out in March.

Major works contribution invoices are raised and sent out by Lambeth. The payments are also administered by them.

Image Courtesy of Utility Projects UK 

Your responsibilities

As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining the inside of your property.