Meet Our Team

Governing Board Sept 2018-2019


Our current Management committee consists of 15 Members.

Executive Members

Nick Flesher - Chairman



Alistair Crosby – Secretary 

Maria Parry-Burns – Assistant Secretary (resigned 16/07/19)

 Simon Hayley – Treasurer 


Carol Donaghy

 Raymond Edmonds

 Valerie Sillery

 Rodrigo Postigo (resigned March 2019)

 Tim Prichard

 Pat Griffiths (resigned 14/01/19)

 Frances Murphy

 Margaret Pope

 Sandra S-Taylor

 Pamela Dockerill

 Jean Bagnall



We currently have 2 Office Staff members, and 1 Cleaner/Caretaker

Isaac Essuman - Estate Manager  

Isaac is primarily responsible for the overall operational activities of the organization, including Tenancy Management, Leasehold Management, and Repairs and Maintenance. He ensures that effective and efficient financial management, budgetary control and accounting systems and practices are in place.  He also assists the Management Committee with strategic functions. 

Tel: 0207 633 0255


Roseline Mann - Housing Officer 

 Roseline is responsible for Tenant and Leaseholder Management functions. These include complaints, sign ups, terminations, court actions, arrears and income recovery duties.  She ensures that the general administration of the organisation is managed efficiently on a daily basis, and assists the Manager with operational and finance functions.

Tel: 0207 633 0255

Abby Ssalongo (Forefront Services) - Cleaner/Caretaker. Abby ensures that the Estate and environment is clean and safe at all times, and reports any defects to the office on a daily basis. He carries out tasks to the external areas of the Estate including window cleaning, bulk rubbish removal, leaves clearance, and any tasks as required. 

Board Meeting Dates for 2019 

(Meetings held at the Estate Office from 7pm -9pm)

1. 18th January 2019 

2. 19th February 2019

3. 19th March 2019

4. 18th April 2019

5. 21st May 2019

6. 18th June 2019

7. 18th July 2019

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